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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sketch Time!

Thought I'd give you guys an update, I've been sketching so much and haven't gotten to finish any of these yet but I was so excited to show you that I couldn't wait until I finished them. They will get colored, but I keep piling on sketches and the list is getting bigger so I wanted to post what I have now.

Okay, starting from the top left and following that:

-This is Lily's new design. I was not happy with her old one so I revamped her to give her a more Native American appearance which I'm much happier with.

-Next is Beka, a new character who I'm going to be trying something new on.

-Then we have Lily as she would be in the club. I envision her as having two different persona's, a confident, playful woman in the club and a down-to-earth, shy woman outside of the club. I know a good amount of people who have different work and real life personalities so I wanted to do that with Lily.

-The guy beside Lily is named Bryce and he's in a new kind of dimension for me. He's a bit of a daredevil and does a lot of stuff, just not sure yet how he'll tie in with the other characters yet, but he's done stuff like parkour and worked in amusement parks that put on shows requiring stunts. I guess he's a stunt-man.

-First in the next row is Blaze's brother, Helios. He's already made an appearance but not in his full profile which is what this will transform into.

-Next to him is a character I've developed for another story Heyohwhoa and I have began creating. His name's Armani and at this point he's a mercenary, but this is subject to change.

-In the next row I'm gonna go right to left since it's easier for me to describe for this one. The first woman is Alexia, who is going to serve as a villain of sorts in the storyline Armani takes part in. She's an alien disguised as a human and is rather ruthless and insane, but in a good way if that's possible.

-Next is Erika, a witch I've created for the Demise storyline. She still needs some developing but she's one of the more creative characters I've come up with.

-And lastly, we have Alexia in her alien form. I've never been too good at designing non-human things so this was pretty much a first for me.

Alright, that's all! Hope you guys enjoy!

All above characters © WhatHappened


DEVILMAN said...

Interesting. The Mercenaries story sounds neat!!!!

From there i must say my favs are Alexia, Erika and Bryce. They are the most inetresting character for me (specially Alexia)

AlexK said...

Alexia in alien form = greatness. Truly. Hell, I wanna look like that! But discovering Blaze has a brother, now _that_ gets one's mind going places, mmm.