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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Resident Evil Meme

Been wanting to do a meme for a while and this one looked like a lot of fun so I did it. Hopefully I didn't make it look too crappy...

1. I dunno why but I absolutely love the Linear Launcher, even more than the Rocket Launcher and any other powerful weapons. Maybe it's the fact it shoots pretty lights....

2. Umm well this is me. The sad thing is I look like a ripoff of Mike, one of my characters. I also like a lot of things but for the sake of this meme I only put a few, and most of them survival horror related.

3. Not much to say here, these are just my favorite characters. They all have blue eyes interestingly, though I didn't notice until I did this meme. I hope my style didn't screw them up too bad. And, I like Chris pre-RE5 (or his gorillification as I call it.)

4. Probably gonna get backlash for it, but I do not like these two. The characters themselves aren't bad but the obsessive hype over them is enough to put me off.

5. Again, not much to say here, just Chris, Jill, and me taking down some zombies...And I got a headshot!! WHOO!!!

6. The T-virus turned me into a zombie AARGH!! I know they don't say "brains" in RE, but I wanted to add it. And I'm really proud of the hands on zombie-me.

7. I don't like Steve either, especially in Code Veronica. I find his pronunciation particularly annoying, especially the fact Claire is now Cu-LEE-air.

8. Alfred's mad at me for not including him so he sniped me in the forehead causing blood to gush as I dramatically fall.

9. Tried to capture the "You Are Dead" screens here. I got my throat torn out by a zombie, a rather gruesome way to go.

10. Okay, okay, got a lot going on here I should explain. First off, the "yawn"joke is my sad, cheesy attempt at cracking a joke about Chris's penis, the Yawn (big giant snake, people) being a euphemism for "python" which I have heard guys say. Next, I for some reason have a crack-pairing between Chris and Alex Shepherd from Silent Hill (hey, they have similar hairstyles, voices, and were both military guys....and are totally hot together). And lastly, I think Jill might be pissed that Chris is hitting on someone....Yeah I'm blushing, but who wouldn't be with a hot guy like Chris that close to them?

11. This was the best I could do for mourning a character since I dislike most of the ones who are dead and anything I did to mourn William looked cheesy and dumb so I went for a "In Memory" panel.

12. I LOVE Alexia's character and her first transformation is beyond epic (combustible blood!!). I also find a haunting elegance and beauty to her first form.

13. She's threatening to burn me because I have the Linear Launcher, which is capable of destroying her in one blow.

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RE Meme Blank © Kristehvampire