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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Diego Ryker

Finally got around to doing something and got this guy done. This is Diego Ryker, and as his last name suggests, he is related to heyohwhoa's Daemon Ryker: Diego is Daemon and Dante's son. Heyohwhoa and I decided that with Daemon being a werewolf and Dante being a mix of things, anything was possible with them and one day, Dante found he was pregnant. This happened shortly before they decided to get married and this all follows a timeline we have come up with.

Anyway, this is Diego at about 16. I tried to make him like a mix of Daemon and Dante so I hope I managed that. I have a few extras I'm gonna upload later on of just some zoomed in things like his head from the side and his earrings.

Diego Ryker © heyohwhoa & WhatHappened